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When a duty-bound mutant assassin is given an order that goes against his only core tenant, he must decide where his loyalties truly lie.


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An original novel series I've been working on in my free time.

This story follows Gabriel Diviara, a mutant created when one is exposed to mutagenic aether energy before birth. Abandoned at a temple as a baby then taken during a violent invasion of his homeland, he now operates as the secret enforcer of Helmus Grigor, feared Warden of the West, carrying out assassinations in the hopes of, one day, having a strange and unnatural affliction cured in return for his service - before its too late. There is only one rule he holds himself to in this grim work: that he shall never spill the blood of his own kind. 

But something is amiss. Civil unrest is brewing, the threat of war looms on the horizon and Helmus has left promises long-unfulfilled. 
One day, Gabriel receives a chilling order, one that will put him at odds with the very things he holds most dear. 

Sometimes, the price to be paid is far too high. 


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