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Architectural vizualization interactive demo created for Fivestone's portfolio. The environment was built in Unreal Engine 4 and is both touch - screen and VR ready. Furniture, walls, and almost all assets in the scene can be clicked or tapped to bring up a UMG widget that allows the viewer to swap out matierals and colors on the assets. 

I was responsible for reference / research, modeling, UV mapping, texturing, lighting, rendering, matinee creation, material set-up, UMG scripting and material interactivity scripting of all assets and components in the scene, which took about a month for me to complete start to finish.  After my part was finished, the project was handed to Fivestone's Technical Director to add in a waypoint system for touch screen navigation and final project packaging. 




Simple level blueprint activating key controls from the Project Settings and an event to trigger a matinee I created of the space.

Blueprint controlling UMG visibility on the viewer's screen. Originally, I used a lerp but it caused an issue where different objects' buttons were overlapping on the screen at once instead of adding the buttons of the object the viewer clicked on after removing the buttons from the last item clicked. Using a sequencer instead solved the issue. I copied this blueprint and used it for all items in the scene that can be interacted with.

A close-up showing the script I created in order for the UMG buttons to swap out the materials of the selected object. This is fairly simple, getting all actors of the button class of the object this blueprint is changing and then tying different material draw calls to each button.

The full view of the material swapping script. This script was also copied into each UMG button blueprint and then customized to each blueprint accordingly to properly control the material swap.


Material created for the painting's canvas. 

Glass shader used on the coffee table I created from scratch.


Below are the two main reference images I worked from to create the initial environment. The space and majority of assets created for the scene were inspired by the image on the left, while additional elements and aspects of the color palette were taken from the image on the right.

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