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Created in Unity specifically with VR in mind. Responsible for all modeling, UV mapping, texturing, set dressing, lighting, and material creation. 

The player will stand in a central location and be able to look around the environment. The creatures will scamper about the area and the palyer's goal is to snap a photograph of each creature. The target platforms are Android / iOS paired with Google Cardboard and the HTC Vive. 

The environment took me about a month to put together from start to finish, and I was given a significant amount of creative freedom while translating the original concept art into 3D.

weridlings screenshot_edited.png


Below are some of the models I created for the environment, a small selection from the roughly 80 unique assets I created for this scene. Everything is completely hand -painted, using a mixture of Photoshop and ZBrush polypaint. I will be uploading images of the rest of the models from the scene, but for now this is a samplling of some of the assets created earlier on in production. From this group, I branched out and continued developing models inspired by jungle scenes and images and added more plants and foliage alphas of varying color to bring more variety and vibrance into the atmosphere. 


Some of my hand - painted texture maps. Painted using ZBrush on the high - poly mesh before being transferred to the low - poly game mesh. UVs created in Maya 2016. Alphas painted in Photoshop.

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