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A dark fantasy tabletop RPG game inspired by Castlevania and Arkham Horror. Meant for one to six players, the game features both cooperative and pvp-style gameplay, depending on player choices and alliances. The goal of the game is to collect Artifacts by moving around the board and defeating randomized mini bosses unique to each color-coded sector in order to unlock the final area: Castello Obscura. Here the player(s) can engage a variety of ultimate evils ranging from a mighty sorceress, fallen angels or even Dracula himself! 


Game Includes:

- 6 different areas, each with unique monsters


- 7 playable characters, each with unique stats, abilities, backgrounds and powers


- 6 unique Final Bosses to keep each playthrough interesting and fresh


- 10 daunting Mini-Boss contracts, each with distinctive abilities, stats and even movements!


- A variety of loot, artifacts, and encounter cards that can both help and hinder


- Both cooperative gameplay, or PvP combat. The choice is yours as you race against time to defeat ultimate evil!


- Average runtime: 2- 5 hours




This game was created over three weeks on a team of four. 


Position:     Lead Designer


Duties:       Combat System Design, Character Design and Balancing, Mechanics Design,                             Map Design/ Art


Hidden deep within the shrouded swamplands of the Material Plane, fabled ruins long lost to the furthest edges of myth are said to lie. Ruins, some say, brimming with evil men and monsters. Others still claim that the remains are of an ancient temple, still touched by the blessings of ancient and powerful gods lost to mankind long ago. These mysteries and tales attract many men and women, enticing them with the promise of treasure, glory and divine inspiration.


On this path lies a small village, frequented by pilgrims and adventurers in search for these crypts of old. It is a humble settlement established by druid sages long ago. It is in this modest village that both warriors and scholars alike take refuge on their quest, though it is said that those who walk the pilgrim’s path to the Ruins of Eltumal are never seen or heard from again.


Team of five, developed over three weeks.


Position:     Lead Designer


Duties:       Scenario and Encounter Designer, Writer, Editor




A casual, high-risk high-reward game designed for 2-8 players, Jackin' Jackals adds a twist to the all-time favorite board game Checkers! Using a standard 52- card deck, two 6-sided die and an 8x8 square checkerboard, the goal of the game is to simply NOT lose! Each turn, players roll 2 6-sided die (2d6). The roll can be "countered" by any player by discarding cards equal to the dice roll to prevent moving their representative token down the board. The last person to reach the opposite side of the board wins! 


But that's not all! Taking inspiration from the card game "Uno", your cards can be countered too! Each counter adds to the stack, and each stack adds one movement to the counter penalty. The most recently countered player receives the movement penalty, as determined in the counter-stack rules. The Jackin' Jackal wild card (represented by the Joker card) allows a player to nullify a stack or switch position on the board with another player for multiplayer mayhem fun!


Position:     Lead Designer


Duties:        Mechanics Deisgn, Writer, Editor


Team of five, developed over one and a half weeks. 




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