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The original environment was much lighter and less populated with interesting little nooks and crannies. To help the mood of the story, which was intended as a sort of existential psychological thriller about a mother coping with the effects of drug abuse and the loss of her daughter, we completely reworked the lighting as seen in the above images.  I personally prefer this environment to the other version, as the overall lighting is much more cohesive. The decision to make the change to the other version was a team decision.

Part of my team's Senior Project, DOSE, this environment was created for the area in which most of the game takes place. 

Title: Lead Designer, Art Director

Contributed To: 3D Modeling, Texturing, UV Mapping, Set-Dressing, Lighting


Team : Alyson K Adams, Alex Winslow, Elizabeth 'Kai' Brockman, Andrew Starobinsky, Lawrence Appenzeller, Leonard Nguyen, Lindsay Schwartz

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